Fitness Friday

One of the worst scenarios for any foodie: TMJ disorder.  Or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.  Which means, basically, I can’t chew.  Or bite into a juicy strawberry.  Or yawn, even.

Thank goodness for a foodie sister who gave me a list of foods that I could eat.

“You could do scrambled eggs!  Or butternut squash soup!  Or a smoothie!  Or ice cream…do you want me to pick you up some ice cream??”

I’ll have you know that we’re facing a blizzard right now (1-2 ft of snow expected, wind howling,) and my sister still offered to brave the storm just so I could have a big bowl of ice cream.  Are there awards for sisters like this?  There should be.

I often find myself recommending foods to my patients who are required to be on a soft foods diet (usually denture related.)  And suddenly I can relate to them and their needs (example: as much as I love cottage cheese, I will not be eating this for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks nor will I expect my patients to, thank you very much!)

Life is always offering lessons to be learned.  Providing a whole new outlook on a group of people who we can suddenly relate to.


Dinner tonight will be scrambled eggs with a oatmeal/banana smoothie and a hot chocolate for dessert.  Lots of drinking, minimal chewing.  I wish I would have taken Nicole’s advice before scarfing down a kale salad at lunch and a bowl of cheerios at breakfast.  Not very jaw friendly. 😉

~~~Fitness Friday~~~

Saturday: 4-mile run

Sunday: 2-mile walk

Monday: 2-mile run

Tuesday: 2-mile run + Yoga

Wednesday: 2-mile walk

Thursday: 4-mile run

Friday (today:) 2-mile walk + Yoga

We’re facing Storm Nemo this weekend, which means I’ll be cooped up indoors for the next two days.  Sounds like a good time to pull out my Jillian Michael’s DVD.  Or, maybe I’ll just spend the day shoveling and snowshoeing!!  I hope all of you fellow New Englanders are staying safe and warm!


3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. I know how you feel–I had jaw surgery several years ago. It was a challenge coming up with foods that required “gumming” as opposed to chewing, but eventually I found several items that worked while I healed. Oatmeal is very jaw-friendly!

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