My workouts lately…

This is, perhaps, one of the first times over the past 8 years that I haven’t felt like training for a half marathon or a 10k.

This quite honestly caught me entirely by surprise, as I’m usually planning my days of summer around the local races.  But right now, the thought of training just exhausts me.  I’m wondering if this has something to do with how busy I’ve been lately.  Between my work schedule and studying for my master’s, the last thing I want is to have to be working towards something else.

That doesn’t, of course, mean that I’m giving up on exercise completely!  I need fresh air to make me feel good.  And I still like working out first thing in the morning before work.  But instead of focusing on running 5 days a week, I’ve been focusing on just being active with something different every day…this has been both fun and healthy.

Here are some of my favorite workouts lately…

1. KettleBells

I’m falling in love with kettle bells.  I find I get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time, and I love that I’m training muscles that running never honed in on.

2. Wearing a pedometer.

This is for those days when I don’t fit in a morning workout.  I slip on my pedometer and make it a point to rack up the miles at work.  This means walking to the furthest bathroom.  Taking the stairs.  Taking the long route back to my office.  My goal is to try and hit at least 10,000 steps for the day.

3. Running.

I still run, because I love it so much and it’s a fabulous workout!  Instead of 5 days a week, however, I’m focusing on running either a short & fast run or a long & slow run, about 2-3 times per week.

4. Biking.

Now that it’s summer, I’m falling in love with biking!  It’s a fabulous workout and a nice change of pace from running.  I like to pedal to the medal at least once a week.

5. Hiking, Tennis, Kayaking, Swimming.

Exercise is supposed to be FUN!  At least once per week, I like to switch things up and do something completely different than my normal routine.  This usually happens on the weekend, when I’ve got the extra time to head out and do something spontaneously fun!

6. Walking.

Never underestimate the power of speed walking!!  This is one of my favorite ways to work out these days.  It’s especially nice after a tough kettlebell workout, when running just isn’t possible due to sore hamstrings. 😉

7. Yoga.

Once or twice a week, my mom and I do yoga together.  It’s a great way to stretch out tired muscles and it’s a fabulous full-body toner.  My arms are my weak zone, but consistently doing yoga has made me a much stronger person.

QUESTION: What your favorite workouts lately?


Fitness Friday

Hello, sneakers.  Remember me?

I took the entire week off from any sort of fitness activity last week, due to an unwelcome cold that left me feeling like a deflated balloon.

I know there are a ton of “rules” out there as to figuring out if it’s okay to exercise or not (i.e., “skip working out if you’re sick from the neck down” and “continue your workout if you’re only sick from the neck up–as in a head cold.”)  But my thought process is never that organized.  If I feel like running, I run.  If I feel as if a train hit me and I can’t fathom the idea of running or working out, I don’t.  Simple.

(It’s (more than) okay to rest when your body needs it!)

This past week, I decided to focus more on just getting myself back into the groove of fitness.

Hello, yoga mat.

My one fear of having taken a week off, of course, is that I have a race coming up and (really) not much quality time to prepare.


Let me rephrase that.

I have one week to prepare.  My dad and I signed up for a 5.6 mile St. Patty’s Day Race, which means I need to get my game face on and train/eat smart this coming week.  Wish me luck! 😀

Fitness Friday Recap

Saturday: 2-mile run + 1-mile walk

Sunday: 5-mile walk

Monday: 2-mile run

Tuesday: 3-mile run + yoga

Wednesday: 2-mile run

Thursday: yoga

Friday (today:) rest

QUESTION: What was your favorite fitness activity from this past week?  It felt so crazy good to get back into yoga this past week!!

A Few Things…

(1) Egg Noggin’ Tea with a splash of real, creamy egg nog is my new favorite mid-afternoon indulgence.

(2) If your cat tends to get furballs, I have one word for you: Kong.

I failed to buy Humphrey anything for Christmas this year and decided to pick this up from the pet store after hearing some good reviews (and, ahem, battling several furball episodes.)  Even with his short fur, Humphrey tends to get lots of ’em, thanks to his extreme cleanliness.

Kong Cat Zoom Groom

Humphrey is pretty sensitive when it comes to most brushes, but after his initial hesitance, he now loves it when I really lay into him with a good, hard rub.  The kong is a keeper…totally a great purchase.

(3) It’s a winter wonderland outside!

Dad and I headed outdoors for an afternoon walk and for the first time all season, I fell in love with winter.

And that is all for now.

Happy Weekend! 😀

Sunday Snapshot

It’s not always easy getting bundled up and heading out for a walk in the late fall.

Temperatures plummet.  Skies grow dark way too soon, way before dinner.

And yet.

I’m always rewarded for venturing out.


And then I think, “wow, this was so worth it.”