On The Shelf.

As part of the “On the Shelf” series, I’ll be featuring different products that I find at the grocery store.  Products that sound interesting (and HEALTHY)…but are they really?  And are they worth the cost?  Most importantly, how do they taste?

All product reviews will be my own thoughts.  I’m not being endorsed by any company and I will let you know ahead of time if I receive any sort of promotional item versus paying for it myself.  If you have questions on any products that YOU have seen on the grocery shelf recently, let me know and maybe I’ll feature it in the series. 

Chobani with Oats

Chobani? Love!

Oats? Love!

So how about chobani and oats together??

Chobani has been coming out with all kinds of new products lately.  I’ve been a fan of their yogurts, but Fage Yogurt has been making more of an appearance in my fridge lately.

I was pretty excited to try this new product.  I like that there’s a boost of fiber (3 grams versus <1gram in most yogurts) and I would probably choose this yogurt if it was part of my breakfast on the go.  I would also choose it if I was at a hotel and needed a quick, all-in-one kind of snack or breakfast.

That being said, I wasn’t crazy for the taste of the yogurt.  This one was a little…gritty.  The chew from the oats was FUN but I wanted the yogurt to be smoother and completely creamy.


I liked it but will stick to my 2% pineapple chobani and 2% plain Fage yogurt!

QUESTION: Have you tried this product?  Yay or Nay?


A Few (More) Things

(1) My sister made homemade cheez-its.

And yes, they taste just like the original.

And yes, they are ridiculously addicting.

(2) We got another 6 inches of snow last night.

I am exhausted from snowshoeing through the woods and yet I’d still rather be outside playing.

(3) We’re taking down the Christmas tree on New Years, and I miss it already.

I think Humphrey does too.

(4) Chobani sent me a box full to the brim with their 32 oz. containers of delicious Greek yogurt.

I was planning on making a creative, authentically new recipe with the yogurt, but it’s been one week and there is only half a container left.  How embarrassing.

Not to worry.  I’ll be picking another one up from the grocery store this week and will present to you a fresh and new recipe for the New Year.  Stay tuned!

Question: What is a highlight from your weekend?