Blueberries & Seasonal Eating.

Every time blueberry season rolls around, I swear I’ll turn those yummy little berries into jams and jellies.

And blueberry cobbler.

And blueberry icecream.

But then.


I just plop myself down and I eat.  As in, I eat pounds and pounds of those little blue berries, until the very thought of eating another makes me cringe.  (Which, come to think of it, has never actually happened.)

I’m all about loading up on the seasonal fruits and veggies these days.

Which is why I’m currently loading up on blueberries and peaches and things like that.  My freezer is stocked (absolutely stocked!!!) with frozen blueberries, which should hopefully carry us through at least the fall.  And then it’s on to crispy apples, which comes right along with the colors of autumn.

Eating seasonal is fun, delicious and healthy.  Produce picked at its peak of ripeness and then eaten straight away (or frozen for later use) is a great way to make sure those nutrients “stay alive” (so to speak.)

Seasonal foods are also usually cheaper (score!)

Ever notice how expensive fresh strawberries are in the middle of December compared to now?  Go for seasonal produce (e.g., forget eating apples in May!) and save on your grocery bill.

So, as I was saying previously, I don’t think I’ll be turning these beautiful blueberries into jam any time soon.  But I most certainly do plan on making plenty of blueberry pancakes and muffins.  And you can bet your berries that I’ll be topping my morning yogurt with handfuls of ’em too!

Yup.  Seasonal eating.  It’s a wonderful thing.

QUESTION: Do you try to eat seasonal?  What seasonal item are you loving right now?


5 thoughts on “Blueberries & Seasonal Eating.

  1. 1. Yes to seasonal eating! I’m all about it.
    2. I bought a flat of blueberries last week, thinking too about jams and cobblers. But my husband and I ate nearly all of them in a few days (minus a few pints that got placed in the freezer for smoothies).
    Blueberries are so so good.

  2. Great photos!

    Peaches+Janelle foreva. If there was a Peaches World Tour where I could follow their growth around the globe and eat them year-round, I would be the first to sign up.

  3. August is THE BEST month for seasonal fruit and vegetables in Southwestern Ontario. Corn, tomatoes, peaches, blueberries, peppers. Everything is so flavourful and so delicious. Luckily I’m not a far from the roadside stands of the county so I can get my fix.

    • That is so awesome!! I love roadside farm stands. There’s a really nice one that I just discovered across the street from where I work…I can’t get enough of the summer produce. 😀

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