Summer Livin’.



Iced tea.

Laughing and talking and staying up late.

That’s what summer means to me.

Sometimes, in the middle of my work week, I forget that it’s summer.

And then I come home and unwind and eat dinner at the picnic table.  I listen to the sound of birds, taking in the warmth from the setting sun and campfire.

Ah, yes.  Hello, summer.  

QUESTION: How have you been enjoying the summer these days?


5 thoughts on “Summer Livin’.

  1. I’ve loved this summer so much more than any other year that I can remember! (A huge part of that, I have a feeling is due to my working part-time and also taking July off). 😉 But still, I have been loving the sunshine, the summer foods, the camping, the campfires, and the swimming oh-so-much! I don’t want summer to end… ever! 🙂

  2. What is that pie? Looks so good! I’ve been reading this summer… a lot! On the shaded porch if it’s nice out, and in an armchair beside the window if it’s too hot.

  3. Excellent reminder! I’m getting outside more. I used to be an air conditioning indoors-hermit because sweating gets so old. I’ve learned to suck it up (as long as I’m properly dressed) and enjoy the daylight!

    What kind of pie is that?!???

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