Vacation Recap.

Well.  I’ll tell ya.

Vacation certainly felt like a whirlwind.

Speaking of which.

Is it just me, or has summer been feeling like a whirlwind lately too?  I was making a list the other day, of all the summery things I need (absolutely MUST!) accomplish before autumn rolls around.  And there is so much still left to do.  Things like blueberry picking and swimming in a lake and making s’mores by the campfire.  I’ll share my complete summery list with you all as soon as it’s complete, and I’d love to hear what’s on your summery agenda too!

One of my “must-do’s” was to head to the White Mountains.  There is no other place on earth that makes me feel quite as happy as NH.  On top of a mountain, I instantly forget about all the worries and stresses of life.  It’s that feeling of absolute peace.

Here is the official photo recap!


My goal is to hike all 48 of the 4000 foot mountains in NH.  I got 3 down on this one vacation trip.

First up was Mt. Osceola, which was a relatively steady climb with lots of switchbacks.  It’s one of the “easier” hikes, as far as 4000 footers go. 😉

My Dad taught me a lot about the mountains.  What to bring.  How to prepare.  And most of all, how to respect nature.  He’s hiked with me through all the mountains that I’ve climbed so far, until that day.

I shot off and did East Osceola on my own, which was a pretty exhilarating experience.  This part of the trail was called the “chimney” for good reason.  It was so steep and was WAY easier to climb up versus down.

The one other hike that was done was Mt. Eisenhower, which is one of my absolute favorites!  The view was spectacular.


Icecream.  Every day.  What can I say?  I hold nothing back on vacation.  I will say, however, that it feels amazing to be back on track now that vacation has come to a close!

(My sistah is a fellow ice cream lover like myself!  So her little baby is almost guaranteed to love ice cream too…I foresee future icecream dates with my future nephew…yippee!) 

I do, however, still balance things out with healthier things.  Lots of fresh salads and fruits and lean meats.  One of my favorite salad toppings?

Grilled Cajun Chicken + Peach + Walnuts + EVOO & Balsamic Vinegar.  Yum!


North Conway is one of my family’s favorite places to visit.  There’s all kinds of sightseeing, shopping, and people watching opportunities.

It’s a fun (slightly quirky!) little NH town.

We also went to visit some of the waterfall spots.

This is Sabaday Falls, one of my favorites…

And my sis and I (right) at the basin…

There was also this really cool trail that led through an array of birch trees.


And pretty rivers to wade through….

My mom’s favorite activity?

Miniature golf.

My dad always wins.  I almost always lose.  But I laugh the whole way through, so it’s totally more than okay. 😉

Me (left) and my sis!

My beautiful sis (and bestie!)

I need one of these chairs for my backyard.

Just sayin’. 😉


Vacation went by way too fast.

But I already have plans to head back to NH later this month for another hike (woohoo!)

Off to relax before the work week begins tomorrow!

QUESTION: Do you take a summer vacation?  If so, what do you like to do?  


8 thoughts on “Vacation Recap.

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  2. Your PARENTS! omg. too freakin adorable.

    Is your dad a former Boy Scout or served in the military? Or just Captain Safety? You should see all the crap my boyfriend John brings along on a hike… They’d probably get along well haha.

    Love your vacation! How’s it feel to be home and back in the swing of things?

    • My dad always says that he had wanted to be part of the boy scouts hen he was a kid but never was. He ended up going out and hiking Mt. Washington in his 20’s (in jeans and a tshirt of all things!) and then he just got completely addicted with the great outdoors and with learning everything he possibly could! 😀

      Being back home is great but I sure do miss that peaceful feeling in the morning, when I could just take my time in a totally lazy kind of way! 😀

  3. Sigh… Vacay was just SO much fun!! 🙂 Thank you SO much for inviting me along!
    (Oh, and hmmmm, how COOL is it that you hiked that mountain yourself! Even if you probably already had a lot of altitude, that was still a very decent – and steep – trek to do yourself. You GO, girl!! Was mom totally freaking out, when you walked off alone? Ha, ha).
    AND I too predict that Brady will be an icecream lover! 🙂 Woo hoo for future icecream trips!!!

    • Haha! She did at first. But then we all started hiking towards the East peak and realized that “Just over that hill” is actually a lot further than we thought. 😉 So then she was okay with waiting for me to run up and get back, especially since we were running low on daylight hours!

  4. I get really nervous hiking down a very steep trail. It practically takes me longer to go down than come up. It’s pathetic.

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