Rockport, MA

Rockport is one of my most favorites places on earth.

I’ve talked about this quaint little New England town many times, but I feel as if I could still gush on and on about it.  It’s one of those places where something new is always waiting to be discovered.  A little cove.  A beautiful view.  Some secret “hiding” spot.

My parents and I have a tradition of visiting Rockport, MA at least once a year.  It’s sort of an unspoken tradition, actually, but we’ve been following it since I was a freshman in college.

I hope this tradition never stops.

My parents have another tradition of stopping at “Top Dog” for lunch…

The Top Dog is this little restaurant at the corner of a side street, which you’re very likely to miss if you don’t keep an eye out.  Their menu has everything from the “seeing eye dog” to the “german shepherd” to the “chihuahua.”  Each ‘breed’ has a different topping, like macaroni and cheese or sauerkraut or vidalia onions & carrots.  The Top Dog also happens to have some of the best fried clams that I’ve ever had the delight of tasting.

(Tradition says we split a box of clams every time…don’t you just love traditions?)

I also ordered a hummus wrap from my favorite lil’ lunch spot: The Bean and Leaf Cafe.  They have the best Ginger Peach Iced Tea and their hummus wraps simply refuse to let me order anything else, despite their other tempting menu items.

The whole wrap was about the size of my head, but I still had plenty of room for some mint patty icecream!  Perfect for a hot, “summer” afternoon.

Till next year, Rockport!

You’ll forever be the town that holds my heart.

QUESTION: What is one of your favorite places to visit (within your own state)?



5 thoughts on “Rockport, MA

  1. Sauerkraut on hot dogs!!! Best topping ever. Of course, I don’t eat hot dogs and I love kraut enough to eat it plain so I’m probably a weirdo.

    Isn’t this the town that The Proposal was partially filmed in? I’ve been wanting to go there for a year or so. It’s so adorable!

    Oddly enough, there isn’t a town in PA we frequent. We actually go to Baltimore, MD most often. Funny, because we love PA and we don’t like Bmore fans (Ravens particularly), but I guess it’s because we’re in the middle of the state so Philly’s two hours and Pittsburgh is four. Baltimore it is!

    • Yes, the Proposal did have some scenes from Rockport!! I love watching the movie and catching glimpses of the town. 😀

      Oh, and for the record, I can totally eat sauerkraut plain too!! So delicious. 😀

  2. Awwww!!! I want every food item that is in this blog post! (And can I say that I am so unbelievably jealous that you went to Top Dog? I’m still craving hot dogs…). But I’ll just sit here and keep eating my rice cake and pretend it’s a hot dog with lots of relish. LOL!!!!!! 🙂 Sooo glad you had fun!

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