Currently Eating.

I slept like a baby last night.

All this fresh air and gardening has me plain tuckered out.  Thank goodness for HUMP day!

Thank goodness, also, for larger than life salads, which fills me up and helps me get all my veggies in.

I always layer the usual lettuce, tomato, cucumber.  But lately, I’ve also been adding…

  • avocado
  • broccoli
  • vidalia onion
  • fresh salsa
  • feta cheese
  • big ol’ scoop of hummus!!!

Eaten like so…

I’m a fan of these trader joe’s whole wheat pita breads.  They do get a bit crumbly by day 4 or so, but they honestly don’t usually last that long in this house anyways!

QUESTION: What are you eating a lot of these days?


7 thoughts on “Currently Eating.

  1. Is that arugula? If so…. mmm!

    Lately I’m eating a lot of… water. heh. Not really eating much of the same things (which is unusual for me) but drinking massive amounts of water. I ran twice this week so that’s probably spurring the urge to chug H2O.

    • YES! I’m obsessed with arugula lately. So delicious. 😀

      And good for you for chugging water! I’m usually pretty good about getting lots of water, but lately I’ve been feeling a little dehydrated (not fun!) Thanks for the inspiration to sip some H20! 😀

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