Post-Midterm Relaxation.

It’s honestly slightly frightening, how much information I’ve forgotten since going to school for my undergrad.

Things like the “cephalic” phase of digestion.  And phospholipid bilayers.

Oh, and organelles.

Hello,nucleus and mitochondria.

I suppose I can console myself with knowing that this memory refresher course might actually help me remember things for the long term.  Although, that probably isn’t likely.  Next year, you’ll probably mention ribosomes and I’ll look at you as if you have two heads.

Needless to say, this exam was a doozy, as I found myself having to study all of this material that I once knew but had now forgotten.

I strategically planned a “vacation day” around when I knew my midterm exam would be.  In between going to the ocean and soaking up all that beautiful sunshine, I also needed to do some last minute studying prior to taking my midterm exam yesterday.


This girl needed some relaxation after a very full week of studying and working!

My form of relaxation involved going for a quick morning run followed by going plant shopping with my mom!!!

Our eyes may have been a little larger than our garden, so to speak.

We came home with 12 big beef tomato plants, 6 cherry tomato plants, 6 kale plants, 6 pepper plants, 3 butternut squash plants, 6 cucumber plants, and 6 hot pepper plants.  Not to mention the lettuce, spinach and beet seeds!!!


And the flowers, which my mom was pretty excited about.

We followed up the day with some good ol’ Panera.

I had my usual.  Strawberry Poppyseed Salad with a whole grain baguette.  It hits the spot every time.

Back to work tomorrow!!!

QUESTION: How do you like to spend your days off from work/school/etc.?


5 thoughts on “Post-Midterm Relaxation.

  1. It sounds like a wonderful day! (Especially the Panera part. Ha, ha). 🙂 I’m glad you got to get away from all that studying for a little while. Sometimes, our brains just need a break!!

  2. I have a love hate relationship with studying. I really enjoyed it a lot of the time but sometimes it was very, very stressful.

    • Same here!!

      I love learning…but I absolutely hate getting quizzed on what I’ve learned. I find my stress levels often get the best of me and I forget everything that I know. Drives me insane!

  3. That darn scarf! You little stinker! 😛

    I’m really impressed that you’re working so hard. Good for you! Two peace signs up.

    On days off, I always dream of one of two extremes: absolutely nothing, or finding some active adventure to explore somewhere (a day trip, usually).

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