My Weekend.

My brother Matthew graduated with a Master’s Degree in Education and Special Needs.  Lots of hard work and dedication right there!  Of course it was a good reason to celebrate.

Not that my family needs a reason to celebrate, but…you know.

My brother’s girlfriend, Kelsey, rented this awesome pavilion up in Kittery, Maine.

The proud graduate and the proud parents!

Photo Credit: Nicole @ Just Live It

The forecast predicted rain, rain, rain.

The actual forecast?

Sun, sun, sun!!

Me (on the right) and my sis.  Love this girl!!

I’m pretty sure I could live near the ocean.  The sounds of waves splashing against the rocks, mingled with the cry of seagulls.  The smell of salty sea air.  That delicious breeze.

The ocean is where my heart is.

Photo Credit: Nicole @ Just Live It

The day was very active, with lots of walking and sightseeing.

And yummy food.

And grilling competitions.  😉

And photography.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

With all the leftovers we carried home, I couldn’t resist having two days worth of this delicious grass fed beef.

There’s a farm up my street that raises grass fed angus beef and I swear it tastes 100 times better than any beef I’ve ever had.  Their love for animal welfare and quality definitely comes through!

The weekend felt like a mini vacation.

I am officially full to the brim with beef and sunshine and happiness.

Fully recharged for the week ahead.  Here’s to summer!

QUESTION: What was the highlight of your weekend?



5 thoughts on “My Weekend.

  1. You and Nicole have been taking such gorgeous photos lately!

    Your parents raised three smart cookies. Wow. Hard workers AND good people. I’m happy just to know you!

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