Why, Hello There.

These past few weeks (months?) have been a little nutty to say the least.  I apologize for having been completely missing in action but I wanted to let you all know that I have not (contrary to popular belief) fallen off the face of the earth. 😉

Here is what I’ve been up to!


I was recently bumped up to 40 hours per week at work.  Busy, busy, busy.  And loving it!  Yes, work as a clinical dietitian at a busy hospital can get really stressful.  Sometimes I come home and I feel absolutely burnt (mentally, physically, emotionally) from having seen so many challenging, sick people.  But my job is also incredibly rewarding!  I love seeing the progress in people and I love being a part of that progress!


I’m getting back into the groove of running!  While I’ve been running throughout the winter, there have definitely been some “miss days” (and “miss weeks”) due to stormy weather (and also, ahem…due to being lazy.)  Now that the sunshine is starting to come around and the snow is beginning to melt away, I’m finally running a consistent 5 days a week.  Nothing wakes me up and slows me down quite like a morning run.


All kinds of yummy foods, of course!  I hope to share with you all some of my recent favorites.  Stay tuned!


My Masters in Nutrition is a work in progress.  I’m 2 weeks away from being 3 classes down.  It’s been a whirlwind and definitely challenging in trying to make it all work with my 2 hour daily commute and my 40 hour work week!  But it has been well worth the effort.  Next class?  Advanced Nutrition Metabolism…can’t wait for that one!


With Humphrey of course!

I’m heading off to work for my final “weekend” day and then it’s off to Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s tomorrow with two of my favorite ladies.

(and starbucks of course)

See you soon!


3 thoughts on “Why, Hello There.

    • Missed you too Janelle!!!!

      Work is my two hour daily commute…thankfully, my classes are online which means there is no commute involved with that (thank goodness!!)

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