my “must-have” cookbooks.

After working an 8 day work week with one off-day in between, I feel a little like pac-man.  It’s all go, go, go and no time to stop.  So when I do have the chance to stop (hello, weekend!) I like to indulge in some of my favorite activities.

First on the agenda?

Cooking!  My mom graciously does most of the cooking during the week, as she typically comes home before my dad and I do.  But on Saturday?  I like to take over.  Muffins, granola, soups, you name it.  Cooking makes me feel deliciously happy and normal and calm.  

Here are some of my “must-have” cookbooks!

1. Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook

For all my go-to needs.  This is the cookbook that I pull out when I want a classic sugar cookie recipe.  Or granola.  These are some tried and true recipes that never disappoint.   

2. Moosewood Cookbook

Cauliflower pie.  Split pea soup.  Rustic corn bread.  All my favorites, all in one cookbook.  This is a rustic, charming book filled with fun drawings and fantastic recipes.  Out of all the cookbooks I own, this one has the most stains on each page; the true telling of a well loved cookbook. 

3. Clean Food

I’m always looking to incorporate more veggies/fruits/whole grains into my diet in a natural, whole foods way.  This cookbook does all of that while keeping the tastebuds in mind.  It also breaks up the recipes into 4 seasons, which I love.  Because who eats grilled tempeh pineapple kebabs in the middle of winter? 

4. Cooks Illustrated Light Cookbook


I love any of Cooks Illustrated’s cookbooks.  My brother and his girlfriend bought me a year subscription to their magazine and I pour over each recipe ever month (honestly, it’s borderline obsessive!)  I especially love this particular cookbook which takes all of the best recipes and lightens them up.  

My favorite? Turkey meatloaf with a brown sugar glaze.  

Now it’s time to get to work.

As in.

Making some pumpkin muffins.  Going for a run.  Shopping at the craft store with my sister.


That kind of work.  😉  Happy Saturday!

QUESTION: What are YOUR favorite cookbooks?


7 thoughts on “my “must-have” cookbooks.

  1. Great compilation! I love the Moosewood Cookbook too, but my favorite cookbook at the moment is Jessie Ziff Cool’s Simply Organic. I love cookbooks that are organized by seasons, and I have loved every recipe in this cookbook that I’ve made (apple-asiago pie, cornmeal-crusted cod with garlicky spinach, pasta with veggies and a tequila reduction sauce, for example). I am making myself hungry as I type this!

  2. We are big ATK/Cook’s Illustrated/Cook’s Country fans here. I also really like the Everyday Food cookbooks/magazines, as they tend to be simple, tasty recipes that don’t take too long. I find that the ATK ones take a LOOOONNNG time, although they taste GREAT! (BTW, making chicken marsala from the ATK family cookbook tonight!)

    Have fun cooking!


  3. The BH&G book is pretty classic.
    I can’t live without Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart (or maybe I can live without it now that I’ve used it so many times) because it was instrumental in teaching me how to make good bread).

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