Currently Loving.

1. Larabars

Okay, okay.  I’ve always had a love affair with these simple little bars.  But even more so lately.  I have one (literally) every afternoon on my ride home from work.  They fill me up and satisfy my sweet tooth.  And I love that there are only a few simple ingredients (dates + nuts) with no added sugars!

(this is my current favorite flavor…it tastes just like a desserty lemon bar!)

2. Clean Eating Magazine

Full of recipes,tips, suggestions.  I love the concept of clean eating and I love the magazine too!

3. Teavana Tumbler

I have a new found obsession with loose leaf tea, and this tumbler by Teavana allows me to have loose leaf tea anywhere and on the go.  It makes every morning a cheery one.

(right now I’m also enjoying Teavana’s White Chocolate Mint loose leaf tea which is incredible!)

4. Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack and Everything Bag

In a never ending effort to be more “green,” I decided that one area in which I waste a lot is in ziploc and mini sandwich bags.  Handful of almonds?  Into a bag.  Cluster of grapes?  Into a bag.  Triscuit crackers?  Into a bag.

And then.  Into the trash basket that night.  Ugh.

This bag (available at Target) doesn’t solve all of my problems.  I still waste more than I care to admit.  But it’s one step closer to minimizing waste!  And I love the fun designs.

Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens™ Reusable Snack & Everything Bag - Moroccan Nights

5. Day Planner

Nothing makes me day go smoother than when I’m completely organized.  I honestly can’t imagine life without my organizer!  I mark down everything from “library books are due” to “birthday party” to “start preparing for in-service”.  It makes my life way easier!

I always get mine at Target.  They’re cheap and convenient!

Monthly Appointment Planner  - Black (8.5"X11")

What are you currently loving?


3 thoughts on “Currently Loving.

  1. I need to get me a new planner, as mine was a 2012-13 planner. What am I loving right now? Well, I work part time at a hair salon as a receptionist (and I clean and do odd jobs), and a few weeks ago the manicurist told me that I could use any of her about 50 nail polish colors. So I am TOTALLY in love with all the nail polish colors – and the fact that I get to use them! Right now I am wearing a medium lavender!

  2. I have that EXACT thermos. I got it last Christmas and love it.

    I’m in dire need of a planner too. I hoped to get one for Christmas this year, but I never did.

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