New Year Goals.

New Year’s Eve in my house involves relaxing, reminiscing, eating, playing games and just being plain silly.  One person (ahem…Nicole…ahem) usually ends up with a case of severe hiccups because of laughing too hard.  Curable only with peanut butter (try it, it works!)

(cute, silly movie!)

With a fresh New Year around the corner, I like to reflect and look forward.  I love to make goals versus resolutions; oftentimes, resolutions are made in a hurry and in a rush, without much thought being put into them.  A goal on the other hand can be made of up little mini goals that lead to one big goal.

For example.

“I want to lose weight” can be transformed into a goal of “I will walk 3-4 times per week” and “I will eat one more vegetable with dinner and one less cookie at night.”  Mini goals lead to major success!

A few of my own personal goals for the year 2014?

  1. Find a volunteer activity that I feel passionate about and donate at least 1 hour of my time per week.
  2. Take 30 minutes each morning to read the Bible and to look at my day with a good perspective.
  3. Spend a maximum of 1 hour on the internet per day (not counting academic coursework.)

QUESTION: What are some of your goals for 2014?



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