Winter Running Gear.

Winter running is one of my most favorite activities.

I mean.

Yes, there are days when I’d rather be bundled up in bed, sleeping in with Mr. Humphrey and watching the sun rise before I do.

And yet, on most mornings, it takes only a little convincing for me to get outside and get moving!  Nothing clears my head quite like an early morning.  It is literally the pep in my step; even a short run is guaranteed to keep me energized for a busy day at work.

If you’re thinking about running through the winter with some reservations because of the colder temps, have no fear!  There is plenty of awesome winter running gear out there to keep you warm and cozy.

Here are some of my latest “must-haves:”

1. Under Armour Cold Gear Compression Leggings

I consider these a staple and can’t imagine running through the winter without them.  I’ve tried other leggings but haven’t found any that fit quite like these.

(p.s. Cheapest place I’ve found them is on amazon!

2. Knee High Cold Gear Socks

I’m not picky on the brand.  As long as the socks are warm and very fitting, I like to wear them underneath my leggings for ultimate warmth.  They keep my feet and my legs feeling cozy!

Check out Under Armour or Reebok for good knee high socks!

3. REI Airflyte Hybrid Jacket

This was perhaps my biggest running gear expense, coming in at around $80 with a sale (regularly $99.50.)  However, I would buy two more of these in a heartbeat.

The entire jacket is wind resistant and has these awesome thumb hole loops AND pockets (great for storing kleenex!)  The core of the jacket feels like a lightweight down vest and keeps me incredibly warm but not overheated.  It’s also nice and long, perfect for those of us with a longer torso.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this jacket and highly recommend it for 0-25 degree temps.

(p.s. It can also be layered with a compression shirt underneath for colder temps.)


4. OR Flurry Mittens

These mittens are pretty wind resistant and I like how warm they keep my hands while out on a run.   And best of all, they LAST through time.  I’ve had mine for a good 4+ years.


5. REI Sport T-Shirt

I use these T’s for layering purposes.  They’re great to wear underneath a long sleeve shirt on those semi-cold days (25-35 degrees.)


6. REI Winterflyte Half-Zip Top

With a T underneath, this is my go-to shirt for temps around 25-35.  Very comfy and it does the trick!


A Few Other Winter Running Gear “Must-Haves”…

  • Flashlight (for early morning runs)
  • Nathan Brand Reflector (again, for early morning runs)
  • Keys
  • Identification
  • Wool hat with fleece lining
  • Extra kleenex

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite winter activities?


3 thoughts on “Winter Running Gear.

  1. 🙂 Hey, just discover your blog, and I absolutely love it ! Where I live, in Montreal, it’s pretty cold too and I really have a hard time running outside, look like my face is gonna transform into a popsicle or something… ! You are such an inspiration to me, keep going 🙂

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