NYC: My Top 10 List.

My sister and I have been dreaming of NYC for a while now, and it was on Labor Day weekend that we finally turned those little dreams into a very big reality.

(that’s my sis Nicole on the left and me on the right)

A year or so of penny pinching and saving brought us up to this one weekend.  One weekend of living life to the absolute fullest.  One weekend of indulging in all sorts of foods and sights and smells.

It was tough to narrow it all down, but I thought it would be fun to highlight my top ten favorite things from our NYC trip!

1. Central Park.

My sister and I created a list of must-see’s before heading to the city and this was first on the list.

I was shocked by how easily Central Park made me forget that I was in the city at all.  If not for the towering buildings in the background, I never would have known.

(that’s me on a very quaint bridge in the middle of Central Park)

(Nicole was in love with these adorable light posts stretched all throughout the park!)

2. Bagels.

I may never appreciate a Thomas’ or Panera Bagel again.  Okay.  I still love them.  But nothing compares to a New York Bagel that’s been cooked fresh that morning.

Crispy on the outside.  Doughy and soft on the inside.  With two inches of cream cheese.


(pumpernickle raisin)

3. Greenwich Village.

At first I wasn’t enthralled with Greenwich Village.

And then I found a cute little shop with cute little accessory pieces.  And then I noticed the little macaroon store across the street.  And the pretty red door on that townhouse.

In other words.  Greenwich Village is filled with all sorts of fun little nooks and crannies, waiting to be discovered.  It’s a fun place to explore for the person willing to take the time.

4. Pizza.

Speaking of Greenwich Village.

Greenwich Village is home to Joe’s Pizza.  Which is, in and of itself, worth the trek to Greenwich Village altogether.  Yum.

5. Shopping.

Window shopping was fun (hello, prada and vera wang!)

But what was really fun was bargain shopping.  Nicole is the goddess of bargain shopping and she is starting (I repeat, starting!!!) to rub off on me.  We both found dresses for under $50.00 at TJMaxx and we both found other goodies in Greenwich Village as well (like unique necklaces for under $20.00.)

A little window shopping, a little bargain shopping.  It’s a fun combination.

6. Times Square.

Nothing made my jaw drop quite like Times Square.

This is the place of stimulation overload.  As in, where do I look when my eyes want to take everything in all at once??

This is a must see in NYC!  Nicole and I walked through it twice in our two day trip…just because!

(It’s also home to the M&M store, the Hersheys Store AND the ToysRUs building, which hosts a ferris wheel inside the building!)

7. The Empire State Building.

It’s amazing how quiet the city can be when you’re 80 floors high!  The only sounds I heard was from the occasional taxi horn and the wind whistling against my hair.  It was so peaceful to watch the world in action, with only a whisper of noise in the background.

8. The smells.

The good (i.e., bakeries, italian food, sausages with peppers and onions!)


The bad (i.e., “what was that smell???”)

Both were equally memorable. ;)

9. The New York Times Building.

This was the first sight that welcomed me to New York City.

This was the last sight that said goodbye.

There’s something very romantic about this building at 7am in the morning, when the fog is just starting to lift.

10. Sarabeth’s.

Bacon.  Gruyere Cheese.  Green Onions.  Potatoes.  All in one beautiful omelette, served with homemade toasts and homemade jam.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg from our trip.

There was also walking 20+ miles in two days (and me forgetting my sneakers and having to buy a pair so that we wouldn’t have to walk 10 more miles in flip flops the following day!)  There was sleeping overnight at a hotel in New Jersey and driving the furthest I’ve ever driven (5 hrs one way!)  There was laughing until my belly ached from being over tired and eating food from Panera two nights in a row in our hotel room while watching the Food Network Channel.

There was me, my sister and memories I will cherish forever.  What a memorable weekend. :D


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