Freedom Trail Run – Boston


I actually have been up to more than just races and running.

Like working towards my masters.  Increasing my hours at both jobs through the month of August.  Camping and hiking and gardening too.

But taking part in the Freedom Trail Run in Boston was such a fun even that I had to share the experience.

I found out about the Freedom Trail Run when I was researching “running tours in Boston,” looking for Father’s Day gifts for Dad.

According to one of the leaders, this Run has been going on year round for three years and the groups can be include anywhere from 20-40 runners at a time.  The run itself doesn’t feel like a race, but the group does move relatively quickly from historical point to historical point, stopping about 16 times.

It felt a little like doing speedwork with intermittent rest periods to recollect and learn something new about the city.

(This is Paul Revere’s House!)

It was interesting running through the city, all along the brick and cobblestone.  The run started at 8:30, and so the city itself still seemed half asleep (like me 😉 ).

The three tour guides were incredibly upbeat and enthusiastic, and they really made the entire run very upbeat.

My favorite part of the run was running up Bunker Hill, which was insanely difficult.  The tour guides told people they could walk or run it, but of course I followed in my dad’s footsteps, dashing up to the top.  My lungs were on fire, my legs were burning and…it was amazing to reach the top!  What a blast.

This run ended with a cruise back to the start, bottles of Gatorade and t-shirts from the race.

(This 5k also happened to be mom’s FIRST…she really enjoyed it.  Way to go mom!)

And then we spent the rest of the day walking around Boston in our new t-shirts.

Because that’s what we do…haha!  😉

Had a great time and would definitely recommend this running tour for locals and tourists alike!

Happy (belated) Father’s Day, Dad!!

More Information: Freedom Trail Run in Boston


3 thoughts on “Freedom Trail Run – Boston

  1. This is amazing!!
    I love that your whole family did it together and congrats to your mom for completing her first 5K! Maybe she’ll catch the running bug with you and your dad.

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