What I’ve Learned…

Dad and I ran 10 miles today, which marks the last long run before next week’s half marathon!!  Although I’m honestly more comfortable with 10ks and 5ks, training for a half marathon has taught me a lot and it has truly changed my life.

I’ve learned that…

  • Staying up past my “bedtime” (i.e., 9:30am) isn’t worth it when I plan on running early (and long) the next day.  It’s not pretty.
  • Coffee serves as more than just a little pick me up.
  • My body is capable of pushing itself past that initial point of pain.
  • I have a lot to say to God when I’m running beyond 7 miles.
  • Foam rollers, GU gels and chafing are topics of conversation only worth mentioning with fellow runners.
  • Life is a lot like a long run.  There are ups and downs.  Highs and lows.  Feelings of euphoria and feelings of pain.  Times when I want to throw myself on the ground and kick and scream like a toddler.  But putting my best foot forward and trying (just at the very least trying!) always pays off.
  • The run is more important than the finish line.  It’s not always about speed.  It’s not always about the finish line.

(p.s. So far my knees have been completely healthy for this entire training program!  Aside from some scrapes and bruises from yesterday’s 5k, I think I’m in good shape for next week’s race! 😀 )

QUESTION: Have you ever trained for a race or another competitive event?  What did you learn along the way?


11 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned…

  1. I learned when I trained for the marathon that I don’t like training for races. I like running because it’s a nice day out or because I want to let out some energy or because I want to see a new area on foot or because I want to feel a breeze in my hair or because I want to sweat. I love running without a watch and without a set distance that I have to run. I love running without rules and doing it just for fun.

    • I found that I can only train for one “big” race in a year because it is very exhausting. Both physically AND mentally. I definitely miss just heading out for a run, just because…I imagine it must be even MORE exhausting training for the full marathon!

      • Yeah. I don’t know if I would do it again. I think I would do the Disney Marathon again if someone wanted to do it with me because it was really fun to run through Disney World but I would need the motivation to train for it again.

        …so if you ever want to go to Disney and run 26 miles, let me know!

  2. Good luck on your race! Running is something that I think only certain people can do in large amounts so it’s impressive. 🙂

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