Foam Run 5k

Every once in a while, I get this strange urge to be wild and crazy.

Not like “drinking,” “partying,” “can’t-remember-what-my-name-is” kind of crazy.  I mean foamy, muddy, silly wild and crazy.

I mean this…



I can’t even begin to tell you what kind of rush I got out of doing the latest Boston 5k Foam Fest.  It was like being a kid again, when the slide is just ginormous and the monkey bars are terribly scary (but you can’t wait to tell mom that you made it all the away across!)

This was literally a giant playground.  For grownups.

(I like to think that it was kind of like a spa day, really.  Girl friends.  Mud.  Exfoliation.  All that luxurious stuff.) 😉

There were mud pits.

Electric wires.

30 ft. slip and slides.

8 ft. walls.

Bounce houses.

And foam.

Lots and lots of foam.

Sometimes life is too clean.  Too structured.  Too orderly.

Sometimes it feels good to be a kid.

Sometimes it feels good to get filthy clean.

QUESTION: When is the last time you felt “like a kid”?  I’m such a kid at heart!  I love running through puddles, getting a little messy and being silly.  Especially when I’m in good company. 😉


10 thoughts on “Foam Run 5k

    • Don’t worry, it’s really not as bad as it sounds! I was a bit frightened myself, but the wires are high enough that as long as you’re crawling army style, you won’t get zinged. And the people who DID get zinged certainly weren’t caught by surprise (i.e., the “zap” must be pretty mild!)

  1. That looks like fun! I’ve not heard of the Foam Fest runs. Companies are really trying to capitalize on the runners it seems but the plus side is proceeds usually go to charity. We did the Color Vibe in NH Memorial Day weekend, it was rainy, cold and a blast!

  2. That race looks awesome. I just googled it and apparently there was one in Detroit in June. Sucks that I missed it. It would have been awesome!

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