Fitness Friday

One of life’s many lessons: not knowing what the future has in store for us is actually a very GOOD thing.

For example.

I’m glad I didn’t know that I’d be taking 3 years of chemistry in order to earn a degree in Nutrition (because fear may have stopped me.)

I’m glad I didn’t know that today’s 5k was going to be so hilly (because I would have ran home instead.) 😉

I realize how dramatic I must sound — as I seem to always gush how tough these runs are — but I honestly feel that each 5k that I’ve run has become just a little tougher each time.

More hills.  More heat.  More intensity.

This is me running through a “break,” just after conquering a steep hill.  Right before ascending into a really, really steep hill.  Oh gosh, I’m tired just thinking of it…ha!

There was beer for all the runners after the race but I longed only for water.  And orange slices. 😀

Honestly, I think the hardest part of this entire race for me was running at 5:45pm!  I had a hard time deciding how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, etc.  I’m used to eating a bowl of oatmeal or cold cereal and trotting out the door at 6:00am.  This time change felt tough on my legs and on my psyche.

This is what my “fueling schedule” looked like:

  • 5:00am Breakfast – cold, high fiber cereal with blueberries, milk and walnuts
  • 9:00am Snack – yogurt with granola
  • 11:30pm Lunch – salmon, roasted potatoes, mixed veggies, side salad
  • 2:30pm Snack – 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, two handfuls of cherries
  • 4:30pm Snack – orange
  • 5:45pm RUN!!!!!!!!
  • 8:00pm Dinner – chef salad with “the works” (aka, avocado, black beans, sunflower seeds, boiled egg, etc.)

This schedule seemed to work out just fine.  I didn’t feel hungry and I felt overall very energized (and hydrated!)  Good to know for next time around, although hopefully there will be more morning runs in my future. 😉

This was such a fun way to kick off the weekend!

And now?  Time for a bowl of watermelon and a night of relaxation.

Happy Friday, everyone! 😀

Question: Have you ever run/walked a 5k or participated in another similar event?  OR, if you’ve done many, what was your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. I have done a few 5K’s. Two of them I managed to run the entire time. Two of them I had to walk a portion. I want to be a runner – but I do NOT put the time and work into it that I should.

    It looks like you all had fun and I’m glad your eating plan worked well for you.

  2. 5am?!? Is that your daily wake up time?? Ugh. Me no likey.

    Congrats on completing the 5k! I usually pass on a lot of outdoor activity in the summer because I overheat verrrry quickly. Probably has something to do with red hair and pale skin… So, I give you serious props just for going out there and doing it!

  3. I LOVE your blog. I love your photography and your outlook on food. I just spent literally an hour reading through your posts and I just wanted to say I’ll be reading 🙂 Oh and I’ve done 5ks and 10ks. I’m doing my first half this fall, but my favorite so far is doing the Turkey trot with my family on Thanksgiving. It’s such a fun tradition!

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