Fitness Friday: “It All Counts”

The temperatures are finally warming up here in New England.  I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to not have to layer up with wool socks, running tights, fleece hats and thick gloves every.single.morning.  Spring is like a breath of fresh air after one too many chilly runs this winter!

Yes.  It makes me happy.

Lately, in addition to my morning workouts, I’ve been trying to squeeze in a 15 minute walk at work.  I sit down a lot, between all the paperwork and charting on patients.  I do make it a priority to get up at least every hour and when I make my rounds to visit patients, I’m shuffling up and down stairs and walking in and out of rooms.

Even still.  It’s pretty sedentary.  So these walks are a must, in my opinion.  And nothing clears my head quite like being outside.



Ready for the day.

I wasn’t always the type to just go out for a leisurely stroll now and then.  I went through a fitness phase where I felt that everything needed to be intense or it simply wasn’t worth doing.

Running needed to leave me out of breath.

Biking had to leave me sore.

Weights needed to push me to my limits.

Etc, etc, etc.

While I can still appreciate a hard core workout now and then, I (even more so) appreciate the very act of moving my body.  It’s enjoyable.  And I appreciate what my body is capable of vs. always having to see where my limits are.  AND, it’s healthy.  Studies show that the very act of getting up to stretch or move periodically throughout the day can be very protective against many health related risks (i.e., strokes, dementia, diabetes, etc.)

In other words?

Get up, get moving!

It all counts.

Fitness Friday

Saturday: 11-mile bike ride + 2- mile after dinner walk

Sunday: 7-mile bike ride

Monday: 3-mile run + 2-mile after dinner walk

Tuesday: 6-mile walk, broken up into two walks during the day

Wednesday: 3-mile run + Yoga

Thursday: 2-mile run

Friday (today:) Rest

QUESTION: What is your typical day like in terms of being active/sedentary?  What are some ways you can (or DO) sneak a little activity into your day?


9 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: “It All Counts”

  1. SO happy it is finally nice out!! I run five days/week, cross-train (elliptical) one, and rest one. It keeps me moving throughout the week and now I absolutely love taking walks just to be outside!

  2. You do so much during the week! I can only imagine what your laundry situation looks like between work clothes and work-out clothes. ha. Do you have running/walking partners?

    • You don’t want to even imagine my laundry…it’s insane! Haha…especially in the warmer weather when washing after every wear is absolutely necessary. 😉

      For walking, I like to go with my sister, my mom or coworkers! We always have stuff to gab about (I hate walking alone!) For running, I like to go solo…it gives me time to think. 😀

    • It’s my favorite tree!! I love walking by it during my breaks at work. Especially when it’s windy, because all the petals start falling and billowing every which way. It’s beautiful. 😀

  3. Good thoughts on just simply moving! Sometimes I forget that just moving is important and 1 hour long workout isn’t going to be that effective if you just sit the rest of the 24 hours of the day.

  4. I love this. I sometimes find myself feeling guilty for not getting in a “proper” workout, but looking back on my day and seeing how active my day-to-day is (up and down stairs with a baby on my hip, walking the dog, walks to the park, climbing/sliding at the park, pushing a stroller, loading groceries, blah, blah blah.) – this was a great reminder that it all counts!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I am loving the nicer weather these days too. Seth and I have been trying to take long walks after dinner on most nights to take full advantage!

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