Girls’ Weekend.

My life would not be complete without coffee, animals, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Greek Yogurt, hair ties and these girls.

My mom, sis and I decided to get away for some fun this weekend.  It’s not easy planning out a girls’ weekend, with everyone’s busy lives nowadays, but we do still manage to make the time!  Nobody makes me laugh or understands me quite like they do and I love them to pieces. 😀

(We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, which was fabulous, as it always is. 😀 )

This is my signature dish!  I always promise myself that I will be adventurous and try something completely new, but I can never resist the Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps…I love it when dishes require that I get my hands dirty. 😉

We spent an entire (and I do mean *entire*) day of shopping! I’ll have you know that I spent way too much money at Ann Taylor Loft, but with a 40% off sale, I felt it was important to stock up!  I found so many cute tops, shorts, dresses.  I can hardly wait to actually wear everything. 😀

We also spent a lil’ bit of time outdoors.  Feeling the warm air and seeing so many beautiful flowers made me so deliciously happy.

Picture time!

Nicole wanted a new bathing suit for her upcoming Hawaii trip, and led us all into Athleta.  I’ve never actually been into an Athleta store, but I am officially in love.  So many cute running/yoga/swimming outfits.  I didn’t buy anything this time around, but you can bet I’ll be back. 😀

Nicole found an adorable bathing suit for her trip…so excited that she and Nate get to travel to Hawaii.  And I’m already dying to see their pictures!! 😀

And, of course, no trip is complete without Starbucks!

Since we literally shopped until we dropped, the ride back required a caffeine pick-me-up.  Lately, my choice has been an iced coffee with extra soy and a shot of mocha syrup.


I love girls’ weekend.

I love girls’ getaways.

I love these girls.

Now…where may I ask did the weekend go?

Question: What did YOU do this weekend?


12 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend.

  1. What a fun weekend! You’re making me jealous! I have two sisters, so I always love having a girls’ day out like this.
    I’m always the same way after buying a bunch of new clothes–I get so excited to wear them all and make new outfits.
    I spent this weekend working in the garden again–I’ve got some strawberry plants in the yard now, and I’m anxious for them to yield some fruit 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Loft – it is a problem 🙂
    But I always get everything on sale, but the online shipping is $8.95 which is kind of painful… But in the store, all bets are off!
    Looks so gorgeous there.
    As always, thanks for sharing 😀

  3. You guys always have the most flattering, best fitting jeans. I guess that’s a random observation. Happy to hear you had a great time with your mom and sister. As I said to Nicole on her post – it cracks me up how much you all love Starbucks. ha! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks Janelle! I can only do GAP jeans and always stock up when they’re on sale. They’re the only ones that seem to fit quite right!

      And YES, we’re totally obsessed with starbucks! It’s hopeless. 😉

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