Fitness Friday

Lots of fun, lots of variety this week!!!

I’ve been trying to increase my weekly long runs this past month of April.  Every week, I bump up my total mileage by 10%.  Every third week, I bring it back down to let my muscles repair.  This has been working well so far, and my legs are feeling good and strong (no knee pain!)

My favorite workouts this week, however, included a quickie 4-mile bike ride (testing out the tires on my new bike!) and a hike up Mt. Wachusett.

I was craving sunshine on Sunday, so my dad and I headed out for some outdoor time.

After running all winter, I’m still loving the same ol’ running route (this girl apparently doesn’t get bored with exercise routines…ha!!)  But I’m not going to lie.  Every summer, it feels ridiculously refreshing to do something different.  Hiking.  Kayaking.  Biking.  LOVE it!  All of these activities (along with yoga) are re-inspiring my fitness routine. 😀

(There was still ice all along the trail!)

At the top, my dad decided to climb this crazy high tower…all the other hikers were joining in too, but I liked my feet right where they were, thank you very much.  😉

There were three layers of ladders to reach the top.

(FYI: I’m not a fan of heights…especially when there’s wind and ladders involved. 😉 )

I can’t wait to start hiking on a more regular basis this srping ‘n’ summer.  The warm weather is finally arriving here in New England! 😀

Saturday: 5-mile run

Sunday: Hike up Mt. Wachusett

Monday: 3-mile run + Yoga

Tuesday: 4-mile walk after dinner

Wednesday: 2-mile run + 2-mile walk after dinner

Thursday: 2-mile run + 4-mile bike ride

Friday (today:) 3-mile run + Yoga

QUESTION: What are your favorite forms of activity lately??


2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday

  1. Ya, not sure I would have done the ladders, also.

    I really didn’t exercise this week, as we were on vacation. I’m really looking forward to getting back to it bright and early on Monday morning, though!


  2. As always, I’m super jealous of your ability to take nice hikes in the mountains. Hiking is probably one of my favourite things to do, but I have to travel so far to do it.

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