This Weekend I…

(1) Ran my first 5 miles since St. Patricks Day.

It was fabulous.


It was slow.  And hard.  (I made lots of goofy sounds and faces.)

But it was still fabulous.  I drank in the sunshine and the sound of wet gravel and the drizzles of remnant rain hitting my face; sometimes I wonder what life was like before I began running.

(2) Received my acceptance letter to Northeastern University’s Masters in Applied Nutrition.

I almost fell off my chair.

And then I caught myself and realized that soon—very soon—I’ll be a student again.  Except this time around I’ll be working part time in a field that I love and shooting for something that I know is within reach.  I can hardly wait to get started!

Of course, due to the fact that I’m working, I plan on distance learning.  They offer their Masters in Applied Nutrition completely online for students who need this option.  Although I love the idea of attending an actual sit-in lecture, I’m glad to have found a program that offers this kind of unique learning based on peoples’ busy schedules.

(3) Made wild caught sockeye salmon on the grill.

If you’ve never tried wild caught salmon before, add this to your bucket list.  Seriously.

Aside from salmon’s awesome health perks (most famously praised for its high omega-3 fatty acid content,) and its high quality protein, wild caught sockeye salmon tastes like no other fish you’ve ever had.  It’s much healthier and much milder in taste (i.e., less fishy!) than farm raised salmon and its tough, meaty texture is perfect for the grill.  And it’s just as delicious served hot as it is served cold on a salad the next day.  LOVE.

Anyways, I usually (i.e., always) just make the sauce and let Dad handle the grill. 😉  He’s the salmon master in this family.  For 2 pounds of salmon, I combine 1 Tbsp. soy sauce, 1 Tbsp brown sugar and a sprinkle of garlic powder in a small bowl.  Then I spread it on top of the salmon and dad places it on the grill for about 9-12 minutes, flipping it once halfway through.

His words: “You never want to overcook a good piece of salmon!!!”  

(4) Organized my closet.

Somehow I let my closet get away with me this past year.  Usually I like to keep my winter clothes separate from my summer clothes, but for some unforeseen reason, it didn’t happen this way this year.  Which made for one very stuffed closet.  So this past Saturday, I literally peeled my winter clothes away from the hangers and threw them into one big heap.

And I found a TON of extra hangers in the process.  I swear there’s a hanger making factory in my closet.  Where do they all come from??

I saw this awesome idea in a magazine once, about how to organize a closet:

(1) Set apart one section for pants, one section for dressy tops, one section for casual tops, etc. to make it easier for a quick grab ‘n’ go in the morning.

…and then…

(2) Turn the hangers in so that the hook point is facing you.  Whenever you wear something turn it the other way around.  By the end of the season, toss out anything that still hasn’t been turned.  As the article stated, if you haven’t worn it yet, you never will.  You could also use this method to remind you that you haven’t worn a particular outfit in forever.  Because, if you’re like me, you tend to wear the same things over and over again. 😉

(p.s. My sister had another idea, which was to tie a ribbon around the hanger each time you wear something, as a reminder of how often you’ve worn something…love it!)

I also cleaned out my bureau, which is a good thing.  Because, you know, Humphrey needed some extra sleeping space. 😉

QUESTION: What did YOU do this weekend?


14 thoughts on “This Weekend I…

  1. Congratulations on your acceptance! 😀 I just accepted into the University of Georgia’s combined master’s program and dietetic internship – one step closer!

  2. Congrats on getting into grad school! I did my Masters online as well, while working full time so you can definitely do it! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, lady! That’s great that your university offers a distance option. A lot of my classmates from grad school lamented the fact that they had to commute so far for each class. I wish more programs offered that option!
    I’m pretty excited to be heading to University of Alabama in the fall to do my internship and get my PhD!

  4. Sarah…Ironically, I am also named Sarah and a newly credentialed RD. I ran across this old post while doing a search for Northeastern graduate program. I recently applied to the online MS program and I was curious of your feedback thus far with the program. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated or please e-mail. Sincerely, your name doppelganger! 🙂

    • Hey Sarah!!! I really like the program so far!! It’s flexible and works well if you plan on working part or full time through your course studies. I will say that having the help from an adviser has been a little hairy, and there is definitely a level of self motivation needed to make the most of each class. But if you work well independently, you’ll probably really enjoy the coursework and do really well! I’ve really enjoyed the courses so far though and feel that it’s all been very applicable to my work as a clinical dietitian. 🙂

      • Sarah, thank you so much for replying with some worthy feedback!!! I am happy to hear your positive thoughts, especially since I am currently living out of the country. Seems the “hairy” adviser issue is common, but overall I haven’t found anything negative about the program. Thank you again, and I wish you continued academic and professional success!!

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