Bike Huntin’.

A (bike) hunting we will go, a (bike) hunting we will go…


Can you tell I’m excited?

I’ve been penny pinching for a while now, in an attempt to save up for a brand new bike.  I started to really enjoy biking last summer, but found myself constantly borrowing my mom’s mountain bike.  Time for my own, and when REI advertised a 20% off sale on their bikes, I was completely ready to lay down the money and find the right bike.

First, let me just tell you, I don’t know much about bikes.  At all.

I don’t know the difference between brands or speeds or gears (or even if this makes any sense at all.)  What I do know is that (a) I like to bike on something that feels comfortable, (b) I don’t really care about speed but also don’t like it when a bike feels as if it’s “weighing” me down, and (c) I can’t afford a $2000 bike.

So, with that in mind, I decided to rely on other peoples’ opinions and reviews when choosing the right bike…

…introducing REI’s Novara Fiona Hybrid Bike!

I know a lot of people who swear by street bikes and a lot of people who swear by mountain bikes, saying that a Hybrid is just an in between and doesn’t necessarily offer the best of both worlds.  But I was sold on this one right away, which offered a nice smooth ride, thin tires that could still handle the potholes of New England’s back roads and looked pretty darn classy as well.  I’m loving the sage green color. 😀

I can’t wait to really take it out for a test spin!!

It was much too chilly for that today, but my parents and I went out for a Sunday afternoon walk near Lexington, MA to get some fresh air.

(Look at this little cutie who was also out for a stroll!)

I wasn’t quite dressed the part, coming straight from church, but the path was nice and flat and sandy.  I can’t wait to go back to this trail with my bike (just a little excited!)

On the way home, we also stopped for iced coffees…

Grande iced coffee with soy milk and a shot of mocha syrup = first iced coffee of the season!!

(Which is my official “WELCOME SPRING!” challenge entry for Nicole’s blog!)  The first iced coffee means spring and the warmer weather is finally on its way. 😉

And then there was ice cream too.

(Talk about a fun day!  Does it get any better? 😉 )

I always get the kiddie sized ice cream at Kimball’s, because even the smalls are ginormous.  Their featured flavor was German Chocolate Fudge which was absolutely delicious.

Now I’m pooped.  Time to get my lunch and snacks packed for tomorrow, as another busy work week begins once again!

Hope you all had a refreshing and lovely weekend!

QUESTION: What was one FUN moment from your weekend?


11 thoughts on “Bike Huntin’.

  1. Bike shopping AND ice cream sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend! I will definitely have to look into that model, as Seth and I are planning on purchasing bikes this summer. We live really close to lots of trails, so we want to take advantage of that as soon as possible! Plus, I just like the idea of being more active during our time together.

  2. I’m a terrible cyclist. I get nervous on a bike. I might try borrowing my brother-in-law’s bike this summer and ride with my sister though. . . we’ll see how it goes :-/

    • I get really nervous on very thin tired street bikes! I gained my confidence on my mom’s mountain bike, which was as sturdy as an ox. And now I’m transitioning to this one, which is somewhere in the middle. 😉

  3. LOVE your bike choice. It’s really cute, AND it sounds like it rides great. 🙂 Can’t wait to go for a bikeride with you this summer!! 🙂 (And, hmmm, that icecream makes me jealous). 😉

  4. Looks like you did well. REI is actually a pretty good place to buy a bike, and, at least here, they hire really good mechanics, so when you go in for tune ups and stuff like that, you’re golden.

    Super secret tip: it looks like you got a nice shock fork. You’ve probably already noticed (if your last bike didn’t have one) how great it is not to feel your bones jar when you hit a pothole. I think you have the kind where you can adjust how much shock it will absorb for you. If you “lock it out” so it’s stiff and rigid (and not squishy) you’ll use less energy to move around, and you’ll also feel better going through curves in the road when you’re moving fast, like down a hill. And then you can adjust it to be more squishy on bad roads.

    One more tip: play around with how much air pressure you have in your tires, because that’s the #1 thing you can do to make a bike more comfortable.

    • THANKS! It sounds like you know a lot about bikes. It also sounds like I have a lot more to learn. 😉 I’ll be sure to look into both of these tips. 😀

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