Fitness Friday


(1) …we celebrated Humphrey’s 1 year anniversary in our house.

I adopted him last year from a no-kill cat shelter, and since I have absolutely no idea what his real age is (one vet estimated him at 2, another estimated him at 9!) I just decided to celebrate his adoption date.

Tuna for dinner tonight, Humphrey! Open-mouthed smile

(2) …is the day after Dad’s official 55th birthday, in which he once again ran 6 miles.

For the past 5 years, Dad has run 6 miles on his birthday.  Craziness!

Birthday number 55! 😀

(3) …I ate a big bowl of ratatouille on rice, which is my new favorite meatless meal. 

Recipe coming for the next Meatless Monday! Smile

(4) …I walked 4 delicious miles and enjoyed every second.

I am really into walking lately.  Walking and yoga.  I find them to be so gentle and yet they keep me feeling toned and in shape.  I do love a sweaty run a few times per week as well, but I also enjoy the slower, more natural forms of movement.

Oh, and by the way…this is what spring looks like this year in New England!  Haha…bring on that warm sun! Open-mouthed smile

Fitness Friday

Today being Fitness Friday and all, here is my official recap for the week…

Saturday: 4-mile run + 2 mile walk after dinner

Sunday: 3-mile walk

Monday: 2-mile run

Tuesday: 3-mile run + Yoga

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3-mile run + Yoga

Friday (today): 4-mile walk

QUESTION: What was your favorite fitness activity from the week?  What is one thing that happened today?


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