Happy Birthday, Dad!

My dad’s “official” birthday isn’t until Thursday, but we decided to celebrate it early this year, since everyone had today off.


Let’s all agree that birthdays just make the weekend more fun.

Mom was in charge of cooking and baking literally everything  this year.  From the roasted butternut squash to the cake to the entree to the carrot soup that we all gobbled up before the meal began.

And she did an awesome job as always (thanks, Mom!)

As much as I love cooking, I also love to sit back and enjoy what other people have cooked. 😉

The star of the meal was this Creamy Baked Penne w/ Chicken and Mushrooms, courtesy of a Cooks Illustrated cookbook.  It was stellar!  We demolished well over half of this baby by the end of the day.

Of course, I’m all about dessert, so I saved room for mom’s chocolate cake and icecream.

Time to open gifts!

Dad’s gift from my mom and I was a bit unusual this year.  He’s getting some stuff for his motorcycle (don’t ask me what it is, because I know next to nothing about motorcycles!) but we still wanted to get a lil’ something for him to “open.”

Yes, my friends.

That would be a compost bin. 😉

My dad is big on going as green as possible, in whichever way he can.  He had been talking about getting a compost for the kitchen scraps for a long time, so that we can put to use what we would normally throw away (watermelon rinds, egg shells, carrot peels, etc.)

Surprise! :mrgreen:

After eating such a rich (albeit delicious!) meal, we came to a mutual decision that a walk was in order.  Now that it’s staying brighter much later in the day, we were able to go for a nice 3-mile there-and-back.

I love these girls!

And now I’m munching on veggies and fruit…still full to the brim from lunch!!

Had so much fun celebrating Dad’s 55th Birthday!!!!

It’s time to watch Once Upon A Time and then Skyfall, the new James Bond film.  That would be Dad’s choice of movie, in case you were wondering. 😉

And with that final note, we have reached the end.  Good night!

QUESTION: What did you do this weekend?


19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. That is a pretty legit compost bin! What an awesome gift! Gotta say I’m jealous – I just started composting, but since I’m in a rental it’s just three bins in the backyard with holes drilled in them! It does the job, but I’m definitely in the market for a nice one like your dad’s once I own!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad! I would love to get a compost bin too, as just the two of us create a LOT of fruit/vegetable scraps and egg shells.
    At this moment, however, I’m craving a big slice of chocolate cake… 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to your dad! Did you like Skyfall? I haven’t seen it yet, but my parents and brother have. I could have seen it, but opted to see Downton Abbey instead. 🙂

    My little sister’s birthday is this Wednesday!

    • Oh, what did we do this weekend? Mom and I went shopping on Saturday. On Sunday church was cancelled, because we had a rather large snowstorm (for us. :). My dad ended up in a ditch on his way out of town, so Mom had to go pick him up and take him to the airport. We went to get the car this morning – quite a little adventure!

      • Oh my gosh, that must have been crazy!! I’m glad your dad is okay though!! And shopping sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday. 😀

        (p.s. Skyfall was pretty good! I think it was one of my favorite James Bond films yet! 😀 )

  4. 1) love that last picture!!! kitties are so lovable!

    2) the foot looks amazing! I love me any kind of cheesy baked dish!

    3) talking a walk with the fam is always lots of fun! I wish I could do that more often!

    4) happy birthday to your Dad!

    5) My parents have 2-3 compost bins and they love them!

    happy week!

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