Dietitian Flash-Back (and Fitness Friday!)

The other day, I found myself reminiscing over all of the reasons that first caused me to enter the field of nutrition.  I mean, yeah, I was always interested in reading my sister’s nutrition books (she learned about fiber and fats and protein before I even knew there was a difference!)  But what was it exactly that got me started on the road of becoming a Registered Dietitian?

First and foremost…

I love food.

(Example: I almost fainted the first time I stepped into a Whole Foods…only slightly exaggerating there.)

Whole Foods salad bar = love at first sight.

There’s something about vegetables and whole grains that excites me.  I love trying new foods.  I love cooking new foods.  I love food.

Second reason…

I love people.

Food is great, but if I had nobody to share my excitement with or nobody to sample my foods, I wouldn’t enjoy it.  Plain and simple.  I like the social aspects behind food and I love to get people excited about trying new things.

Yesterday at work (at the rehab hospital,) it was my turn to bring something in for the hospital’s “Dietitian’s Favorites: Taste Testing.”  It was a feature that we were putting on, in honor of March being Nutrition Month. I brought in a triple batch of my Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and people came in flocks to sample it.

Many people were trying quinoa for their very first time and I was excited to share what I loved about quinoa, how to prepare it, why it’s a great product to include in their daily eats, etc.



The combination of these two things makes me deliciously happy.  And inspired.  Quite literally, my soul felt satisfied.

Ah, yes.  These are the very reasons WHY I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian in the first place.

~~~Fitness Friday~~~

I kept my workouts pretty low-key this week, as a way to recoup from my 5-mile road race on Saturday.  I was definitely feeling the soreness on Monday!!! 😉

Saturday: 5-mile Road Race + 3-mile walk

Sunday: 3-mile walk

Monday: 2-mile run

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: 2-mile run

Thursday: 2-mile run + Yoga

Friday (today): (planned) 2-3 mile walk + Jillian Michaels workout with the sis!

QUESTION: What was your favorite fitness activity this week?


12 thoughts on “Dietitian Flash-Back (and Fitness Friday!)

  1. Ah, you and I are kindred spirits, Sarah. My interest in nutrition was sparked by my love of food too, and really enjoy sharing my passion for it with others. I’m teaching a cooking class to a group of adults these days, and I look forward to every class so I can show them how delicious and fun healthy food can be.

      • I was just wondering about snacking. Most days, I’m hungry almost every two hours, and I’m especially hungry after 10pm (I don’t go to bed until 12 or 1am). I’m in college, so the five little meals a day idea doesn’t work. Is there a way I can train (I think that’s the right word) my body into not being hungry every two hours? Or am I missing something? I’ve tried eating a big breakfast, but I’m hungry again a few hours later! I sometimes feel like a bottomless pit:P

      • I completely understand where you’re coming from with being in college and needing a flexible eating schedule…what’s your typical day of eats look like and at what time do you typically eat? If you can give me a quick, somewhat typical rundown of your day, I’ll give you my best answer. 😉

      • On a typical weekday I get up around 6:30am-7am and have breakfast (anything from eggs and sausage to a bowl of cereal. It doesn’t really seem to matter what I eat, I still get hungry a couple hours later) around 7:30am. I then have either classes or homework all morning (I eat an apple as a snack around 10am usually) and then lunch (either a sandwich or a “real” meal at my dining hall) around 11am or 2pm. I then have classes all afternoon, eat dinner (again, either a sandwich or a “real” meal from my dining hall. Whatever I didn’t have for lunch) at 5pm or 6pm, go to zumba, come back and study until 1am or 2am then go to bed and repeat. I end up snacking (I’m trying to stay relatively healthy while I snack, so lots of fruit, oatmeal, applesauce, cucumber slices if I can get my hands on them, etc.) while I study, because I’m starving!
        Often I’m starving by 9:30am, and hungry again at 3pm. I don’t get it because I had breakfast/lunch a couple of hours ago. Is this normal? It doesn’t seem to matter how much protein I eat at a meal, or how big the said meal is….Thank you so much 🙂

        P.S. I know I need to get more sleep 😛

      • First off, YES this is totally normal!! Although everyone is slightly different with how much time they can go between meals/snacks before reaching their personal level of “moderate hunger,” most people shouldn’t go longer than 3-5 hours without eating something. I know for me personally, I need something every 2.5-3 hrs, depending on what I ate beforehand.

        What kind of cereal are you eating in the morning? I find that the best (most satiating) breakfast is one that combines healthy fats (i.e., handful of walnuts, scoop of peanut butter, avocado, etc.) with protein (i.e., eggs, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, etc.) and fiber (i.e., oatmeal, whole wheat toasts, kashi waffles, etc.) Try toying around with different breakfasts and see what works the best. Do you do better with a lighter breakfast and a heavier snack mid morning (apple with handful of almonds and/or a cheese stick,) or do you need a larger breakfast and a smaller snack to make you feel more comfortable until lunch rolls around? Do you need a heavier dose of protein or fiber or fats in the morning to keep you going? Experimenting a little will go a long way in helping you discover what works (and what doesn’t,) as we’re all a little different with what combinations suit us best.

        Just remember: it’s normal to get hungry a couple or a few hours later and it’s more than okay to break out a snack! Pair that midmorning fruit with some protein (cheesestick, nuts, etc.) to carry you over until lunch. Same goes for the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. Try not to let yourself get to the point of “starving.” Moderate hunger is a signal that your body needs something.

        I know there are a lot of “diet rules” out there, but one of my most hated is the “don’t eat after 6 o’clock rule.” Especially in college, when late nights are the norm. You’re smart to snack on healthier fare which won’t bog you down or keep you up at night. Perhaps planning a snack around 3 hrs post-dinner (or whenever you start to get a little hungry) will help. Something like a high fiber/high protein cereal (kashi go lean comes to mind,) paired with a cups worth of milk might be just the ticket to hold you over. Having some cut up veggies for when the studying munchies hit is always nice too.

        Last thing to note: you may need something light (say a glass of milk or a kashi granola bar or a couple slices of cheese and crackers) after your workout, especially if you feel it was intense. This may prevent feeling “starving” later.

        And a big YES to the needing more sleep!! 😀 Sleep is imperative and will help you not feel so hungry and not so tired during the day which in the end will also help you with your college coursework. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s something worth working towards. 😉

        Hope this helps a little…again, my best advice would be to toy around with different food combinations and types and see what works the best for you! I personally need a good dose of protein in the morning in order to carry me over, but I’ll still need that snack 2.5-3 hours later. 😉

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