The 5-Mile Shamrock Shuffle Recap

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

St. Patty’s Day is usually a relatively low key holiday around here, but these days it seems as if we are always looking for just one more reason to celebrate, to have the family over and to enjoy good food.  Hence the reason my Dad and I decided to search for an ever-growing in popularity “shamrock shuffle” run.

We found it.

And then we donned our best St. Patty’s Day Garb. 😉

My mom, sister and brother in law came to cheer us on, and they were total good sports about dressing the part too!!!

The race itself was listed as a “mostly flat course with some challenging hills at the beginning.”


Let me rewrite this.

“CAUTION: Mostly hilly course with some flat areas in between.” 😉

Seriously, the race was very challenging.  The first mile was literally ALL uphill, and then the incline came back down very quickly.  My legs aren’t used to running down such steep hills, but I fell into a groove and was able to sort of just “roll” my way down at this point.

The first mile was uphill, the second mile was downhill, and the third mile was flat (YAY!)  This is where I recooped and regained my composure.  I felt like a lone runner at the point when this picture was taken, because I somehow landed in the middle of the pack, where there was a large group ahead of me and a large group behind.  My breathing and legs felt GREAT at this point (i.e., so THIS is what no knee pain feels like!) and I just took it all in and savored each moment.

The 4th into the 5th mile was challenging once again.

I forgot about this one last hill which took us up, up, and up some more.  Thankfully I had energy reserved somewhere deep inside for the last hoorah.  And all of the inspirational signs that were posted along the way really helped.

Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

And “Run hard now, drink beer later.”  I didn’t even drink anything besides water, but somehow this still inspired me…ha!

My Dad was a speed demon and finished over 6-minutes ahead of me with a time of 41:09.2.  He placed 4th in his age group and 28th overall, out of 129 runners.  So proud of him!!  He’s an awesome runner and inspires me so much.

Racing towards the finish!!!

My time was 47:42.3, which wasn’t too shabby considering  how challenging I found the course to be and also the fact that I just wanted “to finish and not finish in last.” 😉

It was such a great day and I loved celebrating St. Patty’s Day in such a fun, healthy way! 😀

And now it’s time to eat boiled dinner.


QUESTION: Have you ever ran a “Shamrock Shuffle” or another ‘festive’ run for a different holiday?  I’d love to run a Jingle Bell Run at Christmas!  Or a New Year’s Run.  😀


10 thoughts on “The 5-Mile Shamrock Shuffle Recap

  1. Congrats on your big finish!
    I’ve never done a holiday-themed race, but I’ve always wanted to do a “Turkey Day Trot”–I think it sounds like a good way to balance out all the eating that Thanksgiving entails!

  2. Congratulations! I’ve never run a festive run, or any run at that, but my cousin has. She told us about a Ghirardelli run that she was hoping to do. After the run, there was Ghirardelli chocolate and hot chocolate. Not festive, but it sounds like my kind of run!

  3. how COOL! Your outfit is STYLIN, and what a fun experience to be able to share with your Dad! I also love that your whole family got dressed up and came to support you! How sweet and awesome!

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