The Best Part Of Waking Up…

Nicole’s latest blog challenge requested readers to share their morning drink of choice.

My beverage of choice?  Coffee.  The darker the better.  I like a nice strong cup so that I feel as if 6-8oz. is just enough.  I do add quite a bit of unsweetened soy milk though, because I like the smoothness that it gives.

I’m also a bit of a self admitted coffee snob

It’s Starbucks beans for me!

Mmm…smooth and creamy.

But never sweet.

I almost always start my day off with a breakfast on the sweet side, so I like my coffee to take the edge off with a slightly bitter note.

See?  Coffee snob. 😉

QUESTION: What is YOUR morning drink of choice?


12 thoughts on “The Best Part Of Waking Up…

    • Whenever I order Starbucks, I usually get the Misto, which is basically one part of really strong coffee to one part milk. It’s not nearly as strong as a straight up cup of coffee, but has all that full coffee flavor. 😀

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