Bloggers Like Us

My sister Nicole (the blogger over at Just Live It) recently introduced this awesome idea where once a month, she asks her readers one question.  We respond with our answer on our blog and then post a link to this post on her comment page.

See the full details here: Bloggers Like Us

This month’s question/challenge was to show a picture of where you most often blog from.  I’ll admit that my first thought was, “OH!  In a cute little cafe, with a latte and a really cute outfit and my hair all done up!!!”

But then.

I decided to be honest. 😉

I most often blog in my living room, in my comfies, hair up in a ponytail.  This is also my devotional spot where I like to read and pray every morning before the day starts.  It’s become my favorite place in the house, and this picture is where I’m blogging from at least 90% of the time.

That being said, there’s usually THIS guy sitting in my lap, which can make the entire blogging process…well…interesting.  Let’s just say it becomes a balancing act. 😉

QUESTION: Where are YOU most often blogging from?


11 thoughts on “Bloggers Like Us

  1. Haha! I often have the same lap-sharing problem too with my dog Margot. It can make blogging take twice as long…
    I most often blog from the office in our house. Coincidentally, it’s also where I read blogs, so that’s where I am right now 🙂

  2. This is such a good idea. I wish I had a much more glamorous blogging spot but my butt is planted on the couch in my sweats, just like you! haha

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