Fitness Fridays

You guys, I have been absolutely re-falling in love with running lately!  I don’t know if it’s the warmer (i.e., 20 degrees) weather or the fact that all the snow has melted from the ground and my mind is thinking it’s spring (what a tease!)  Whatever the cause, I’m head over heels, hopelessly obsessed once again!

I do want to play it smart by not increasing my mileage too quickly though.  This tends to happen to me every.single.time.  And then, of course, I end up injured.  Not this time!  I’m determined to take it nice n’ easy, enjoying the slower, shorter miles as much as I used to enjoy those longer, faster miles!

You know what else I’ve been loving?


See?  There I go again.  Thinking it’s spring and trying on all the dresses and shorts and things.  Ah well.  A girl can dream. 😉

But before you say, “Sarah, shopping is not part of Fitness Friday,” let me plead my case.

(1) My mom, my sister and I shop like we’re women on a mission.  Because we are on a mission!  To find good deals and steals.  We trudge through the stores in a way that would put speed walkers to shame.  Seriously.


(2) We always park in the furthest parking spot.

“Working out” doesn’t always have to involve gym clothes and weights and sweat (although shopping CAN induce a good sweat session, not to be gross or anything…)

I used to be obsessed with getting a hardcore workout in every single day.  But I’ve discovered, as many men and women have, that being in the workforce and finding the time can be difficult.  Some days I just have to look for ways to be active.  Like parking in the furthest parking spot.  Or running up three flights of stairs at work in order to find the furthest bathroom spot.  Regardless of how active we are or aren’t, we can all find these simple ways to keep our hearts pumping and our bodies in motion.

Because, really, who doesn’t want to count shopping as part of our all-important exercise program??

After a long day of shopping and walking and juggling bags of cat food, coffee, human food and clothing in and out of the car, I came home and indulged in my most recent foodie obsession.


I like to mix up the types of greens that I eat pretty regularly so that (a) I don’t get tired of the same kind and (b) I get a wider variety of nutrients.

Arugula is peppery with sharp bite but can range anywhere from mild to strong.  Lately I’ve been lucking out with this wild arugula from Whole Foods.  It’s mostly mild with a lingering peppery taste which I love!

It’s especially delicious when topped with tempeh and this Can You Stay For Dinner? inspired dressing.

I remembered, somewhere in the back of my head, that Andie had made this awesome looking Asian Almond Butter Dressing.  Only I couldn’t remember what she had in it, so I just sort of winged it, hoping for the best.

Thank goodness salad dressing are forgiving.

Almond Butter Salad Dressing: 1 Tbsp. smooth almond butter + 2 tsp low-sodium soy sauce + a heavy hand of garlic powder + 1 Tbsp water = dressing for one salad

The dressing was on the thick side; I most definitely could have thinned it with some extra water.  But the flavor was outstanding.  You could easily substitute sunflower butter or soy nut butter for a “nut-free” version as well.

Fitness Friday Recap

Saturday: 2-mile walk

Sunday: 5-mile walk

Monday: 3-mile run

Tuesday: 2-mile run + Yoga

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 2-mile walk + Yoga

Friday (today:) 2-mile run + Shopping!!!!

And on that note, time for a bubble bath and a good magazine.  I was going to have a good play session with Humphrey, but I think he’s a little too content with this TJMaxx find from today… 😉

Oh well…Happy Friday!

QUESTION: What was your favorite workout from the week?  And YES, shopping counts!


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