Lunch at Panera

Just a quick note to share one of my newest favorite lunches at Panera.

I usually opt for their black bean soup with a hunk of whole grain baguette, but I was feeling salad today.

So. I went with the Mediterranean Salmon Power Salad, and asked for the dressing on the side (which I ended up nixing altogether, as the flavors were so robust and forthcoming, that I truly didn’t see the need!)

I really enjoyed the briny kalamata olives mingling with the taste of salty feta and salmon.  Very filling, very satisfying.


And also.

In other news.

Starbucks now makes Vanilla Spiced Soy Au Laits, which may become my new signature drink for the winter.  I asked for one pump of the sweetener and fell in love.  It’s delicious when paired with a vegan chocolate oat muffin from whole foods.  Especially when you have a good friend to share this muffin with. 😉

Off to relax for the night!  It’s a brand new year and I have a fresh ‘n’ pretty planner to fill out. 😀


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