A Few Things…

(1) Egg Noggin’ Tea with a splash of real, creamy egg nog is my new favorite mid-afternoon indulgence.

(2) If your cat tends to get furballs, I have one word for you: Kong.

I failed to buy Humphrey anything for Christmas this year and decided to pick this up from the pet store after hearing some good reviews (and, ahem, battling several furball episodes.)  Even with his short fur, Humphrey tends to get lots of ’em, thanks to his extreme cleanliness.

Kong Cat Zoom Groom

Humphrey is pretty sensitive when it comes to most brushes, but after his initial hesitance, he now loves it when I really lay into him with a good, hard rub.  The kong is a keeper…totally a great purchase.

(3) It’s a winter wonderland outside!

Dad and I headed outdoors for an afternoon walk and for the first time all season, I fell in love with winter.

And that is all for now.

Happy Weekend! 😀


4 thoughts on “A Few Things…

  1. I actually don’t mind walking in the winter. It just requires a few more layers than normal but I like how pretty the snow is.

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