Sunday Snapshot(s)

I woke up at 6:00am on my day off today.

Outside, it was all dark and snowy and cozy.

The sun came up slowly, as the clouds were begging it to stay hidden for just a while longer.

What a wonderful, delicious way to wake up.

Lately, my breakfast obsession has been transitioning from oatmeal to oat bran.  

This is a subtle change, since oat bran is very much like oatmeal.  But texture is a big deal to me, and when I want creamy, I want oat bran.

Creamy, sweet perfection.

This morning–since it was 6am after all–I kept breakfast simple.  Oat bran.  Soymilk.  Sliced banana.  Cinnamon.  Stirred together and microwaved for about 3 minutes, with some vigorous stirring in between.

And a dollop of sunflower seed butter on top, just because.

I love oat bran.

I love my simple Sundays.

Several Reasons Why This Breakfast Works:

  • Protein (Keeps You Full): sunflower seed butter + soy milk
  • Carbohydrates (Give You Energy): oat bran + banana
  • Fat (Keeps You Full): sunflower seed butter
  • Fiber (Keeps You Full): banana + oat bran
  • Antioxidant + Flavor Boosts: cinnamon

QUESTION: What is your most recent breakfast obsession?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot(s)

  1. Yum! Thanks for reminding me about oat bran- I have it in my cupboard but always forget about it… My recent breakfast obsession lately has been oatmeal with a chopped apple, raisins, almond milk, cinnamon, and peanut butter. 🙂

  2. Nutritionally, how does oat bran compare to rolled oats?

    I could use a change from my regular oatmeal, and as a kid loved the texture of Cream of Wheat, so I’m sure this would be just as comforting.

    • 1 cup of cooked oat bran has 6grams fiber, 7 grams protein, 90 calories. 1 cup of cooked oatmeal has 4grams fiber, 6grams protein and 166 calories.

      They’re pretty similar in terms of the “fullness factor.” And oat bran really does taste a lot like Cream of Wheat. I was always a big fan of it growing up as well…adding a bit of maple syrup makes it taste even more like my childhood favorite. 😀

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