Sarah’s Simple Saturday

Every once in a while, I fall into a running funk.

Inevitably, this usually happens right after a 10k or a half-marathon or any extended period of running.  I find that after lots of training and competing, my body is just…tired.  Running is no longer fun.  The rush, the drama is over and it’s time for me and my sneakers to slow down.

These past couple of months, however, I have truly fallen in love with running all over again.  My mileage has been low (2-3 miles, 5 days a week) and I like it that way.  In the morning, around 6:30am, I find myself trotting slowly down the road, clearing the cobwebs from my head and the kinks from my achy morning muscles.  I love exploring each new morning and the magic that it brings along with it.

Today, however, my Dad (a fellow runner) and I put on our competitive (most serious) game day faces.


We weren’t really all that serious (at all.)

We’ve been planning to run this 5k for a while now.  A 5k run that was meant to be 100% FUN, complete with hot chocolate, cider donuts, chili, farm animals, live music, local jams and jellies, etc.

Running is FUN and so is the running community.

I ate breakfast around 6:30am this morning and the race wasn’t until 11:15am.  It was an odd time for me to be running, so I kept my breakfast on the heavy side and my snack on the lighter side.

I ate this high-fiber pumpkin muffin about an hour before the race, wondering if the fiber would be a very bad idea or not.  Thankfully, all went well and there was no cramping.  Just plenty of energy to keep on runnin’.

Normally, however, I would recommend a low fiber breakfast/snack on race day.  Especially if you find that you have a sensitive stomach.

The race took place at a cute little country place called “The Red Apple Farm.”

The race course took us down through an apple orchard, over roots and rocks and leftover apples.  There was a lot of trail running which was FABULOUS and fun.  I may have gotten carried away at the beginning with my initial excitement of running on trail, only to find myself winded halfway through.  Oops!

Plenty of time to catch my breath in between though.

Until reaching the last mile or so, which is when the real hills began.  And I’m talking hills!  As in, even tougher hills than I recall running in the half marathon of hilly Gloucester/Rockport!  I kept my eyes on the people running ahead of me and kept myself moving.  Slowly, but surely.

It was a tough 5k.  But absolutely breathtaking too.  I’ll definitely be running it again next year! 😀

After the race, we took a walk around the grounds, breathing in the cool, crisp, autumn air.

All while nibbling on cider donuts and sipping apple cider (of course!)

Delicious.  Everything about today.  Delicious.

Pumpkin Tossing!!!

Thanks for yet another fun 5k, dad!  You’re the best. 😀

Question: How did you spend YOUR Saturday?


10 thoughts on “Sarah’s Simple Saturday

  1. Just found your blog – love it! And that race seems ridiculously awesome – I’ve not yet gotten the courage to sign up for one, but I think cider donuts would motivate me any day of the week!

    Also – I had a really, really hard time getting this comment to go through. I have a self-hosted blog, but I had to log in to my old blog in order to post this. Just thought you’d want to know, I’d hate for others not to comment because they’re having problems too!

  2. Aw, fun. I love the idea of running through an apple orchard. There was a half marathon based in New Hampshire, at an orchard, that I had hoped to run but wasn’t able to. Maybe next year.

    I spent the day going on a long walk in the countryside, going out for dinner at the local food coop, and seeing “Flight” at the movies.

    • Hi Becky! I actually did the Color Run for my very first time this past year (in Boston!) It was such a blast. 😀

      The turkey trot sounds awesome (and also very challenging!) A great way to start the day…being thankful for strong legs that can carry you up a mountain. Awesome!

  3. This post really made me smile =) I miss Massachusetts! Everything about this – the little hometown 5k, the cider, the farm, the company – just perfect! What a beautiful day, and so nice to spend it with your dad. My father has always been a big part of my running, and I think the best day of my life might have been a half I ran a few years ago, simply because he was so proud of me. Having that to share with him is so special

  4. That looks like wicked fun. Obviously I’d be down for a race at a cider farm– it’s a celebration right? 😉
    Also, in my opinion 11:15 sounds like a perfect time to run. What’s with all the early morning races (I know, I know it’s the whole “blocking-the-roads” issue)
    I wish more races started late. Or at like 5pm. I could manage an evening race just fine, probably with less bowel issues too (TMI?)

    • Yes, exactly! A celebration. 😀

      I’m surprised we don’t see more later start times for races! I’m personally a morning person, but I know a lot of fellow runners who would MUCH rather be running later in the day.

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