Happy “Hump”hrey Day

Just Humphrey.  Just for fun.

This week, Humphrey had his very first vet visit.

I adopted Humphrey back in March.  He was the lonely little tuxedo cat sitting in a cage in the corner.  He caught my eye as soon as I walked in.  A sad face, a broken heart.  He was abandoned by his owners, and nothing was known of his history.

All of the cats were cute.  But only Humphrey climbed into my lap and stayed there as if to say, “I’ve been here 9 months.  The kittens go first.  Nobody loves me.  But I don’t want to stay here anymore.  Please take me home.

So I did.

His first vet visit held quite a few surprises.

First.  He’s not two, like it was at first assumed.  He’s actually 7-8 years old, as his vet noticed by looking at his teeth.  Which means (a) he now gets away with more mischief (he’s an “old man,” you know,) and (b) he needs to get his teeth cleaned within the next year.

Second.  He had tapeworms.  Most likely brought on from his favorite past time: fly catching!!  However, one pill and one sardine later, all is now well in the world of Humphrey.

Now that his first vet visit is over, Humphrey is quite content to sleep on my lap.

Or watch the leaves fall.

Or sit on my laptop when I’m trying to blog. 😉

Happy “Hump”hrey Day!


8 thoughts on “Happy “Hump”hrey Day

  1. Too cute! I have 2 cats from the shelter and they bring so much joy to my life. But yes, that first vet visit is always full of surprises… 😛

  2. Wow, how did the shelter figure he was 2? That’s a pretty big difference. At least the vet was able to set you straight.

    How has he been adjusting to his new life with you?

    • I know, quite the difference, right? He’s been adjusting really well though. It took about 3-4 months for him to really seem at home and now (7 months later,) it’s like this was always his home. 😀

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