Snack-On-The-Run @ Panera

This past weekend, I found myself on-the-go and starving.  This doesn’t usually happen for a multitude of reasons (one of which, my purse is always, always, always full of snacks...just not this time!)

I was literally at my breaking point as to what I could snag to curb my hunger.

Look what I found!

I plopped the accompanying strawberries and pecans on top of Panera’s steel cut oats for extra fats and fiber, and then I nixed the cinnamon sugar (who needs it when strawberries taste this good?)

The result was a 250 calorie, 8g fiber, 6g protein snack/mini-meal that held me over until dinner time.  The oatmeal is available any time of the day too, which is awesome, and it comes in just the right (healthy AND satisfying!) portion size.

Ah, yes.  That lovely feeling when a serious crisis is averted. 😉

Happy Monday, friends!


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