Straight From The Garden.

The rain finally let up here in New England, so I figured it was about time to take you for a walk through my own little garden.


I guess I should clarify.

It’s not really “my” little garden.

My dad is actually the master of the garden.  Admittedly, every new year rolls around and come spring, I become hopelessly giddy about growing a larger than life vegetable garden.  But then.  A really productive garden takes manure.  Weeding.  Nightly watering (which can take upwards of an hour for a large sized garden.)  And lots of TLC.

So by late summer, it’s dad who is out there putting in stakes for the tomato plants and throwing down mulch and making sure that the Japanese Beetles keep themselves off of my mom’s roses.  It doesn’t matter that I spent hours looking through Burpee catalogues or reading about the effects of early blight on tomato plants.

This is really and truly Dad’s territory.

will say, however, that one of my most pleasurable experiences in life is going out into the garden after work and seeing what produce we have out there.  Tomatoes for tonight’s salad.  A few beets (roasted!) as a garnish.  Some butternut squash —not quite ready yet, but wait until the fall and we’ll have more than we know what to do with!  Zucchini, leeks, etc.

Even though I’ve probably only watered the garden a half dozen times this year, I am always given full permission to pluck whatever I want from the garden and I am given full liberty to use it in any way I please.

It’s enough to make me feel kind of princessy.  Slightly guilty.  But incredibly happy.

Tonight’s dinner revolved around summer squash and zucchini, since it’s in such abundance right now.  Italian eggplant and green pepper also made their debut.

First, in preparation for dinner, I pressed some tofu and sliced the block into quarters, layering two with straight up soy sauce and the other two with some Bone Suckin Sauce.  They were placed on a foil “sheet” that had been prepared with nonstick cooking spray, and then they were cooked over medium heat on the charcoal grill.

Meanwhile, the veggies were cooking on the other grill (you don’t really need TWO grills, but this gas grill sure comes in handy when there’s a lot going on!)

The summer squash tasted pretty brilliant, if I say so myself.

Just a little bit of olive oil, some chives, pepper and sea salt to taste.  And then let it burn so you get all those crispy bits and bites throughout.  No need to rush things.  Just let it do its thing.

BBQ tofu.


Grilled summer squash, zucchini, green peppers and Italian eggplant.


I might not be cut out for the whole vegetable farming thing.  But I sure do love harvesting.  And cooking.  And making people smile.


I guess it all works out.

QUESTION: Do you have your own garden this year?  What produce item have you been eating a lot of?


4 thoughts on “Straight From The Garden.

  1. We have been eating zucchini like crazy from our garden. I love to make zucchini herb frittatas. Also my green beans have been amazing. I have made them with freshly dug red potatoes and also Greek style with EVOO and tomatoes. Love reaping those garden awards!

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