Color Run 5k

One of the most important aspects of staying physically fit is finding a workout that you like and then sticking to it.

I like running.  A lot.

Especially when it involves (lots of!!!) color and three awesome running companions.

As a side note, anyone–anyone!!!–can run.  All it takes is a pair of sneakers.  Get out there and see what you’re made of!

I’ve found that one of the best ways to get (and stay) motivated with any workout is to (a) find people who enjoy the same activity and (b) sign up for a fun event.

Like a 5k.  Why not make it a Color Run 5k??

Today was such a blast and proved to me once again that physical activity should never be boring.

(There’s nothing boring about getting globs of paint thrown at you from all directions!)

The Color Run 5k was such a blast and us girls are already discussing our plans for next year’s.  Sign me up!

(p.s. Go to to find a local 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon or marathon in your area and get training!)

QUESTION: What is one of your favorite ways to ENJOY being physically active?  I love running, hiking, tennis, kayaking and anything that involves being outside!


10 thoughts on “Color Run 5k

  1. This run looks like so much fun! I’ve seen several bloggers discuss similar races in their respective cities–I would totally do it if there were one in Raleigh!
    As for physical activity, I love to run, walk my dog, and swim.

  2. That looks wicked fun! I’m slightly jealous. I wanted to do the Colour Run in Chicago with my sister but it sold out before we could register.

    • YES! Wear something bold and fun and head to the side of the track where you’ll get the most color. 😉

      You’re going to have such a blast!!! 😀

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