Groceries: Part I

I pretty much live by lists.  Daily to-do’s.    Priorities.  Things to do before I’m 30.  Items not to forget for tomorrow morning’s meeting.

Lists, lists, lists.

But even if you’re not big into making lists, having a grocery list handy before you hit the supermarket is always a very good idea.

Studies show that you’re less likely to impulse buy when you have a list handy.  This means that (a) the extra bag of chips ahoy is less likely to sneak its way into your cart (how does that happen?) and (b) your wallet won’t scream at you afterwards.

Lists can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.

I prefer simple. 😉

On Microsoft Word, I set the layout for two “columns” under the column tab at the top, since I grocery shop at two separate locations (just stick to the one if you shop at one store.)  Underneath each store, I type in the foods that I buy on a regular basis.

On the back page (printing it out double sided), I typed in a framework of what the week’s meals will look like, along with some quick and easy meal options if I’m too busy to plan ahead.

Week Menu: one fish, one meat, two vegetable heavy meals, one bean/lentil, and one egg dish.

That’s how we roll around here, but definitely adjust it based on your own desired eating patterns.

Then just fold the list in half and fill it out as you find recipes along the way.

I keep extra sheets printed out in my recipe binder, and the document (of course) is saved on my desktop.

Recipe binders, by the way, are a great place to keep lists, tear-out recipes, print offs, coupons and things like that.

It keeps things organized.

Which makes things simple.

I like that.

Do you use grocery lists before grocery shopping?  Do you plan out the week’s menu in advance or do you plan it day by day?  Share your thoughts, tips, suggestions!


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