The Perks of Coffee

What is the first thing I think of every morning?

Well.  Besides breakfast.  Or why there’s a tuxedo cat licking my elbow.  Or what time it is (too early.)


There’s something so nourishing, so mindful about drinking a steamy hot cup of coffee each morning.  I’ve lately taken on the habit of drinking it on my way to work, thereby preventing myself from guzzling.  I have an hour long commute, so it makes me feel quite European to take slow sips and savor.


Amazingly enough, however, coffee is one of the first things that many people swear they’ll try to give up.  

“Time to get healthy!” they say.

Coffee, however, is far from being the poster child for anti-healthy foods & beverages.  Sky high in antioxidants (fighting against what we know as “free radicals” which can lead to disease and inflammation in the body,) coffee consumption has also been linked to lower rates of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Type 2 Diabetes among research participants.  Just stick to 1-3 eight ounce cups a day.  Anything more and you’ll simply feel the jitters (and there’s no evidence that anything above 3 cups will lower your risks, FYI.)

I believe there’s more to disease prevention than just one food or beverage alone.  However, as far as I see it, if you’re drinking coffee and enjoying it, why stop?  Just keep an eye out for all those extra add-ins, like cream, sugar, flavorings, which can really add up, thereby negating any positive effects your coffee might have. 😉

Are you a coffee drinker?  How often?  What do you like to add to your coffee?  I drink coffee every morning, with a splash of vanilla soy milk to sweeten things up just a bit.


5 thoughts on “The Perks of Coffee

  1. Loved this post… It kind of made me feel relaxed just reading it. 🙂 And so happy to read that I don’t have to give up my coffee indulgence. 😉 I don’t drink it every day, but I do need a good cup every Monday… and every Saturday… and sometimes Wednesdays too. Okay, fine, I drink it kind of a lot. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to have you back in the blog world, and with the most appropriate blog! I have recently become a coffee fanatic. One glass before my morning workout and one afterwards with breakfast. I’m glad to hear it does something for my body other than wake it up 🙂 Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

    • Thanks, Caitlyn! It feels good to be back. It was a struggle trying to figure out exactly what kind of blog I wanted to get myself back into, but this feels completely right. 😀

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